UCL 2022-23: odds ahead of round 3 predict Liverpool to lash Rangers

Liverpool will host Rangers at the formidable Anfield for the third of the 2022/23 Champions League Season. Liverpool is currently second with one win and one draw in Group A. Rangers have no win and sit at fourth place.

Liverpool is the overwhelming favourite to win the game, according to top betting sites with odds at 1.15 (3/20 Fractional; -666.67 American) which is a probability of 85%. The odds on The Gers are 16.00 (15; +1500) which is a probability of 6%. Meanwhile, the odds of a draw are set at 9.10 (81/10; +810) which equates to a probability of 9%.

The odds for more than two goals (over 2.5) are at 1.31 (31/100; -322.58), — sitting at a probability of 73%. Meanwhile, the odds for less than three goals (under 2.5) are set at 3.40 (12/5; +240) which translates to a probability of 29%.

Rangers have scored no goal in the current UCL campaign and so, the odds for both teams scoring are 1.96 (24/25; -104.17), while that of one or neither teams scoring are 1.80 (4/6; -125). These both translate to probabilities of 48% and 52% respectively.

The any-time goalscorer is completely dominated by Liverpool Players. Egyptian forward Mohamed Salah leads the anytime goalscorer with odds of 1.74 (37/50; -135), tantamount to a chance of 57%

His teammate, Portuguese forward Diogo Jota comes next with his odds at 1.89 (89/100; -112.36), which is equal to a probability of 53%.

Brazilian striker Roberto Firimino completes the top three list with odds sitting at 2.05 (21/20; +105) — a probability of 48%.

The match is scheduled for Tuesday, 4 October 2022 at 7:00 p.m GMT. Clement Turpin will be the presiding referee.

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