Indonesian stadium stampede leaves at least 174 dead

Terrible news was announced by the Indonesian Football Association. Over 100 people have died in fights between Arema and Persebeya fans in the Indonesian top division Liga 1 as details about one of the greatest stadium tragedies in football history unfold in the Malang province.

Numerous injuries and over 174 verified deaths have occurred. These were brought on by the violence and a surge of the crowd that saw roughly 3,000 of the 40,000 spectators enter the field. The incident was confirmed by Nico Afinta, the East Java police commander.

Despite FIFA forbidding the use of tear gas in football grounds, security was compelled to use it in response to the riots started by the pitch invaders.

Hundreds of fans fled the scene in a stampede as a result of this conduct.

This process resulted in breathlessness and a lack of oxygen, and the medical team attempted rescue operations within the stadium, Nico Afinta had said.

Following the incident, the Indonesian President ordered that no matches in the top league be played until the investigation was finished.

"We're sorry for this incident", the Indonesian Sports and Youth Minister, Zainudin Amali had told broadcaster Kompas. He also said this unfortunate incident "injures" Indonesian football at a time when fans can watch games from the stadium.

Additionally, he pledged to review how matches are run and explore the idea of barring fans from attending games.

As investigations proceed, it is anticipated that confirmed fatalities will rise.

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